weronika szklarek

hi! i’m a London-based graphic designer interested in publishing, typography and art direction.


mental health day zine

In June 2021, we asked Central Saint Martins’s community to define what CSM is and their role within it. We collected over 100 responses. That thoughts have been turned into a publication inspired by ‘La Settimana Enigmistica’, an Italian weekly pamphlet with games and exercises.
Similarly to how it’s done in Italy, our purpose was to bring students together in a safe space and collect filled out zines. The zines are a pocket A6 size and printed on recycled paper using risograph.
We have set up an event inside of CSM to provide a setting for students to fill out the booklets and let them recharge with some snacks and coffee. The event has taken place on the University Mental Health Day.
This project was done in collaboration with Paolina Stefani.